ISO Tool Usage Guide

ISO Tool is a useful that allows you to patch your untouched PSP Game. Once the game is patched, you will be able to play it on pretty much every CFW out there. This page will give you a step-to-step guide to follow to get your ISO patched.

  • After you have downloaded the tool, extract it and copy the iso_tool folder to PSP/GAME.
  • Copy the untouched ISO file of the game to memory sticks ISO folder.
  • Run the Iso Tool in your PSP.
  • Choose the ISO that you want to patch and press X.
  • Choose EBOOT decrypt from the ISO Menu and choose yes for all questions.
  • Once that is done, choose the ISO again and press X. Choose the Patch. option under ISO Menu this time instead.
  • Choose Patch Prometheus and press X to get your game patched.

Once that is done, you are finished! Congratulations! Just press the Triangle button on your PSP and exit the software to play your patched game!
If you get unexpected errors or can’t run the patched game, please check out the thread here.